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Details Paris 89. Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship / Paris 89. Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship: ... Psychology August 28 to September 2 1989

The 11th International Congress for Analytical Psychology was held in Paris from August 28 through September 2, 1989. It is no surprise that the theme of "Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship" succeeded in drawing widely ...

20,10 EUR*
Details Crop Circles, Jung, and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine

Throwing light on the mysterious phenomenon of crop circles within the context of modern psychological reality," Crop Circles, Jung, and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine" in an engaging look at the science, history, and symbolic nature of ...

13,85 EUR*
Details Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multipl

Artikel ist NEU!*Schneller Versand* Mehr unter www NORTHFIRE-MAILORDER de Portoerstattung bei Bestellung von mehreren Artikeln. Beim gemeinsamen Verschicken von mehreren Artikeln fallen maximal einmalig Portokosten i.H.v. 5,90 Euro an. Wir erstatten ...

21,66 EUR*
Details Pathways to Wholeness: Archetypal Astrology and the Transpersonal Journey (Muswell Hill Press)

Pathways to Wholeness The exploration of the psyche in non-ordinary states of consciousness provides access to powerful transformative experiences that can lead us toward the realization of a deeper identity while also yielding extraordinary insights ...

34,14 EUR*
Details Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential

Sacred Contracts Bestselling author Myss teaches the all-new material her book is based on as she reveals the relationship of our personal lives to archetypal patterns, and guides readers in using them as tools for gaining insight into life's journey ...

22,00 EUR*
Details Beautiful Enemies: Friendship and Postwar American Poetry

Although it has long been commonplace to imagine the archetypal American poet singing a solitary "Song of Myself," much of the most enduring American poetry has actually been preoccupied with the drama of friendship. In this lucid and absorbing study ...

16,44 EUR*
Details The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane

The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane With Conan the Cimmerian, Robert E. Howard created more than the greatest action hero of the twentieth century--he also launched a genre that came to be known as sword and sorcery. But Conan wasn't the first archetypal ...

30,84 EUR*
Details Inner Child Cards: A Fairy-Tale Tarot

Inner Child Cards INNER CHILD CARDS is a divination system that reawakens the child in all of us by gently helping us to interact with the world's most potent archetypes. The authors assign an archetypal childhood story to each image in the ...

22,59 EUR*
Details Immortal Yearnings: Mystical Imaginings and Primordial Affirmations of the Afterlife

Immortal Yearnings The archetypal and symbolic qualities of mystical states of consciousness are ineffable, timeless, and fleeting, but they act as powerful reminders that it is possible to transcend our limited understanding to glimpse a unified ...

29,49 EUR*
Details The Anubis Oracle: A Journey into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt

Anubis Oracle The Anubis Oracle is a shamanic guide to inner Egypt, where archetypal deities and elemental spirits lead us on a journey of transformation. This boxed set includes a 35-card color deck and a guidebook that provides card interpretations ...

16,76 EUR*
Details Talking To My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head

Talking to My Selves Author and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Debbie Unterman presents an intriguing view into the intricacies of the psyche in a warm, relaxed writing style that draws the reader in. Offering extensive insight into the archetypal patterns ...

70,88 EUR*
Details Sorel Winter Carnival Damen Schneestiefel Violett (Purple Dahlia, Black 562), 36 EU, NL1495

This boot features the archetypal SorelTM look in a versatile waterproof boot. Winter CarnivalTM is up for anything, be it a cold nights' romp with the dog, a stroll through the shops, or a drink after a vigorous day on the slopes.

59,49 EUR*
Details The Infernal Return: The Recurrence of the Primordial in Films of the Reaction Years, 1977-1983

The Infernal Return In this study, Rodney Farnsworth identifies a pattern of filmmakers' obsessions with archetypal rituals centred on sacrifice and family in films made between 1977 and 1983, a period of political upheaval on both sides of the ...